Arsalan Traders is an International Trading & Marketing Company based in Pakistan specializing in foodstuffs, spices, dry fruits and other Agricultural Commodities.

Arsalan Traders was founded in order to serve the private sector in the field of Indenting in Pakistan. We are striving to be one of the leading companies engaged in importing and exporting various agricultural products to the Middle Eastern, Asian, African and European markets.

At Arsalan Traders we strive for meeting our customer’s expectations by providing the highest quality of agricultural products and building long-lasting relationships with our customers and vendors based on accurate and personalized service. Globalization is the overriding and most demanding condition in our field and we hope to achieve our goals of growth by helping you achieve yours.

We are constantly aiming to find re-known and reliable bulk Importers, Exporters, Agents, Distributors and Retailers worldwide. The cornerstone of our business model is to provide fast, reliable shipments of the finest quality products available in the worldwide market. Our company has a long term vision for growth and service and we are always willing to negotiate individual exclusive arrangements with interested parties.

Our non-compromising policy on international and regional quality standards, coupled with our vast experience in the trade of dry fruit & spices has helped us to win the confidence & support of our ever growing clientele around the globe.
Among our range products, we deal in:
Dry Fruits
The almond, known as the king of nuts among dry fruits, is a highly nutritious food. The almond cultivation in United State, Spain, Syria, Italy, Iran, Morocco etc,
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The Pistachio Cultivation in Iran, United State, Turkey, Syria, China, Greece, Italy etc varieties in shelled pistachio: Akbari (Long), Ahmed Daghai (Round), Kalagochi and Fundogi (Round)

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Cashew Nut

The Cashew Nut Cultivation in Vietnam, Nigeria, India, Brazil, Indonesia etcVarieties in Kernel: SW, WW, W, LBW etc

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The Walnut Cultivation in Iran, Turkey, China, India, United State, Brazil etc Varieties in Kernel: LH, LAH, LQ, LAQ, LP, LAP, AP, MC etc

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Green Cardamom

Green Cardamom is the Queen of Spices. In South Asia, Green cardamom is called "Elaichi". There have different brand MGQ Extra, 1, 2 and MPB, JPB, EMGL, MGL, MGM, Fancy and Royal Fancy etc.

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Black Pepper

Pepper has been used as a spice. There have different types of Pepper. Vietnam has recently become the world's largest producer and exporter of pepper

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Cloves can be used in cooking either whole or in a ground form, but as they are extremely strong, they are used sparingly. The spice is used throughout Europe and Asia

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Black Cardamom

Black cardamom, as other spices used in Asia, needs some time to develop its aroma best. This behavior is shared by other ungrounded spices,

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